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DC Power

Anderson's AC2000 product line includes high performance, floor-standing DC power supplies, battery emulators, and battery cyclers designed to tackle the challenges found in battery, automotive, aerospace, and renewable energy applications.

AC2600PD-1200V-2500A (600kW / 1200V / 2500A) model
Why AC2000?
  • A wide variety of standard features:
    • Ease-of-use - AC2000 power supplies are designed to be simple without compromising on features or performance - our philosophy is "the power supply shouldn't get in the way of your test!"
    • Profile mode - Allows the power supply to run a user-defined test sequence. Profile mode is easy to use and doesn't require learning a proprietary script language. Profiles use a standard file format and can be easily shared and edited offline, making it that much easier to duplicate prior test results.
    • Built-in touchscreen - get up and running quickly with simple, easy to use screens for DC power control
    • Remote control drivers and fieldbus options - integrate AC2000 into your test automation system
      • Support for AVL Lynx 2.0
      • Support for A&D iTest
      • Other test automation platforms supported at customer request
      • LabVIEW and DotNET remote control drivers
      • EtherCAT, CAN-FD, Fiber-Optic, and TCP/IP fieldbus options available
    • World-class accuracy - voltage, current, and power measurements down to +/- 0.03% with high accuracy package
    • Parallel units - combine units in parallel to reach higher power and current ratings. Paralleled units communicate over a high-speed fiber-optic interface, resulting in excellent parallel performance compared to competitor products
  • Emulation options included at no additional cost:
    • Battery emulation
    • Solar emulation
    • Battery cycler add-on functionality
    • Hardware-in-the-Loop (analog/digital control allows Power HiL)
  • Full integration with Anderson dynamometers
  • High performance:
    • Designed for transient applications including EV/HEV dynamometer testing
    • Stiff DC voltage source even under large step loads
    • Fiber-optic interface available for high-speed digital remote control
  • Single and Multi-Channel options available
  • One product range for all of your testing needs:
    • Standard models ratings:
      • VOLTAGE: 600 to 2000 VDC
      • CURRENT: 625 to 10,000 ADC
      • POWER: 250kW to 2.4MW
    • The same software tools and remote control drivers can be used across the entire product line
Our standard product line is shown below (custom power levels available at customer request):

*For Multi-Channel models, table above represents current and power for all channels in parallel
**Power Overload is available for up to 30 seconds, followed by a 300 second cooldown period. See tech. specs. manual for details.

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