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AEC takes pride in the quality and integrity of each tailored solution we build, from examining and mapping parameters of the project, to its completion. AEC is unique with the incorporation of our experience, analysis, planning, synthesis and support. Because AEC provides both standard products and custom solutions, we can satisfy a broad range of engineering needs across many different industries. Below are a few solutions we have successfully delivered.

Dynamometers and Test Stands

DC Power Supplies and Battery Cyclers
Anderson Electric Controls, Inc. has over 20 years of expereince building high-performance DC power supplies and battery cyclers. Our AC2000 line includes standard features like programmable voltage/current/power, battery simulation, remote operation, and more. This product line was designed to support testing in the automotive, renewable energy, and aerospace industries.

  • Voltages from 600 to 2000V
  • Currents from 600 to 10,000A
  • Power from 250kW to 2.4MW
  • Battery simulation for EV powertrain testing
  • Easy-to-use touchscreen included on all models
  • Integrated profile mode for user-written test sequences
  • Remote control options available (EtherCAT, CAN, etc.)
  • Solar (PV array) simulation standard feature
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) analog control add-on available

  • Dynamometers and Test Stands
    EV Dynamometers and Aerospace Test Stands
    We design and build dynamometer and test stand products for automotive and aerospace test applications. Our successes include advanced solutions in electric vehicle dynes and aerospace generator test stands. Applications include:

  • Electric and Hybrid/Electric Dynamometers
  • High speed, high performance dynes for next-gen EV/HEV research and development
  • High power at high speed direct drive eliminates the need for a noisy gearbox
  • Full integration with AC2000 Power Supplies available
  • Data Acquisition options available suitable for EV motor and inverter development, battery development and testing
  • Aerospace Generator Test Stands
  • Transmission Dynamometers
  • Clutch Development Machines
  • Engine Pump Test Stands
  • Special Hydraulic Motor Dynamometers
  • Hydraulic Motor Test Stands
  • 'Iron Bird' Test Stands

  • Custom Power-Conversion (Grid-Tie, AC/DC, DC/DC)
    AEC has the engineering capabilities to tackle custom power conversion projects, including bidirectional AC/DC and DC/DC (boost, buck, buck/boost) converters, grid-tie applications, high switching frequency (50+ kHz) applications, and many others. Contact us now for a quote.

  • 10kW up to 3+ MW (custom power levels available)
  • Custom footprints (container-packaged, standalone, etc.)
  • Liquid and air cooled designs
  • Custom and off-the-shelf hardware
  • Multiple fieldbus interfaces (Ethernet, Modbus, CAN, etc.)
  • Renewable energies (wind, battery, solar)
  • High speed motors (400 - 1200+ Hz)
  • R&D applications (design, testing, etc.)
  • Custom control algorithms (adaptive, model reference)

  • Tunnel Boring and Mining
    Tunnel Boring and Mining
    We design and build custom electrics for tunnel boring and raise drill machines. We have been providing the electrics for these machines since 1969. Here is a list of custom electrics solutions we currently provide:

  • Tunnel Boring Machines
  • Raise Drills
  • Mobile Mining Machines
  • Spread Spectrum Digital Radio Systems


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