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Quality Performance Integrity
Anderson Electric Controls, Inc. is a leading engineering and manufacturing company specializing in high performance power converters for automotive, aerospace, renewable energies, and mining-electrics applications..

As a full-service company, AEC fulfills a broad range of needs including design, engineering, drafting, repair, packaging, installation, training, software, and systems integration. We take pride in our superior reputation and custom solutions we build. Set apart from other companies by our distinguished product performance, we have represented exceptional quality and integrity for over 50 years.

AEC is also proud to be:
  • a HBK Certified Integrator
  • a National Instruments Alliance Partner
  • an R&D 100s Award Winner
  • an Automotive PACE Awards finalist
  • a Systems Integrator for
    • Rockwell / Allen-Bradley
    • Vacon / Danfoss
    • Yaskawa
    • Siemens

DC Power Supplies and Battery Cyclers

AEC has over 20 years invested in high-performance DC power supplies and battery cyclers. With designs in both standalone and portable configurations, our units are optimized for R&D testing in the automotive, renewable-energy, and aerospace industries.

  • Voltages from 600 to 2000V
  • Currents from 600 to 10,000A
  • Power from 250kW to 2.4MW
  • World-class measurement accuracy
  • Battery Simulation and Solar Simulation standard features
  • Integrated profiles for user-written test sequences
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) analog control option
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EV Dynamometers and Aerospace Test Stands

Anderson Electric Controls, Inc. specializes in building high-performance dynamometers and test stands. These systems have been used across the world for testing electric vehicle inverters and motors, engines and transmissions, aerospace generators and starters, and other high speed testing where performance is critical.

Unlike other companies, AEC utilizes state-of-the-art electric motors in order to provide direct-drive solutions for both test stand and dynamometer applications. This eliminates loud and expensive gearboxes, and provides increased performance and efficiencies for high speed and high tolerance applications.

Our dynes and test stands support remote-control and automated testing (LabVIEW-based), or alternatively can be integrated into your existing software with our .NET or LabVIEW based drivers.
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Next Generation Power Converters

AEC is leading the way with ultra-high performance and experimental power converters to take advantage of the next generation of power semiconductors. Our team has the expertise to tackle the toughest issues including:
  • SiC and GaN power semiconductor designs
  • High and ultra-high switching frequencies (100 kHz to 1+ MHz)
  • Magnetics and gatedrive design
  • Hard switched and resonant topologies
  • High performance control techniques and controller architectures
  • Designs in the 10 kW to 10 MW range
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Low Voltage Battery Cyclers and Chargers/Dischargers

Building on our 20 year history with standalone DC Power Supplies, AEC is pleased to offer a new line of Battery Cyclers based on our Anderson Programmable Power (APP) technology. AEC Battery Cyclers are available over the following operating ranges:
  • Voltage Ratings: 100 VDC to 600 VDC
    • For >600V see AC2000P product
  • Current Ratings: 50 ADC to 1200 ADC
    • For >1200 ADC see AC2000P product
  • Power Ratings: 10 kW to 360 kW
    • For >360kW see AC2000P product
  • Custom ratings available on request

Power Converters for Renewables (Microgrid, DC/DC, AC/DC)

AEC has the engineering capabilities to tackle custom and off-the-shelf power conversion projects for microgrids, energy storage, bidirectional AC/DC and DC/DC (boost, buck, buck/boost) converters, grid-tie applications, and many other applications. Our 48+ years of experience in power converting will help you get to market quickly. Our power converters are:
  • Ideal for Energy Storage System (ESS) applications
  • Available with containerized packaging (20', 30', 40' options)
    • Containers can be designed to include power electronics, HVAC, power distribution, lighting, etc.
  • Multi-port units available for combining power sources
    • Solar, batteries, wind, fuel cell, etc.
  • Liquid and air cooled designs available
  • Custom and off-the-shelf hardware available
  • Fieldbus interfaces available (fiber-optic, Ethernet, Modbus, CAN)
  • Battery management systems (BMS) interface available
  • Co-packaing with existing systems possible (batteries, fuel cells, flow batteries)
  • Our design experience includes 100kW up to 13MW systems
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Electronic Load Banks for Aerospace Applications

AEC's electronic load banks are designed to test aerospace generators in production and R&D environments. Unlike other electronic load products, our load banks use high performance control techinques and cutting-edge semiconductors to provide load waveforms with very low harmonic content. Other features include:

  • Output power up to 1+ MVA (custom levels available)
  • Seemless integration with AEC Test Stands and Dynamometers
  • Operate at higher power levels than the electrical distribution can handle by recirculating power within the dynamometer test stand
  • Small physical footprint compared to passive load banks
  • Continuously variable power, power factor
  • Efficiencies >90% - save on electrical costs
  • Remote control available (Fiber-optic, Modbus, CAN, etc.)
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Anderson Electric Controls has fulfilled the needs of companies in industries ranging from manufacturing to next-gen R&D, our customers have included Advanced Energy, Hamilton Sundstrand, NASA, US Coast Guard, General Motors, Borg Warner, Honeywell / Allied Signal, The Boeing Co., Kimberly Clark, Sonoco, Georgia Pacific, Proctor & Gamble, among many others.


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