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DC Power

AC2000 is Anderson's line of high performance floor-standing DC Power supplies, Battery Emulators, and Battery Cyclers.
  • Voltage from 600V to 2,000V
  • Current from 625A to 10,000A
  • Power from 250kW to 2.4MW
  • Industry-leading size saves floor space
  • Internal or external transformer; choose size vs portability
  • Synchronize parallel units up to 2km away !
  • UL-rated insulation monitor on all models
  • No keepout zones; install units side-by-side or back-to-back
  • Multi-channel and single channel models
  • No mode-change going from low to high voltage
  • World-class measurement and control accuracy
  • Battery and Solar emulation included
  • Support for Test Automation Systems
  • EtherCAT, CAN-FD, TCP/IP, and other remote-control protocols supported
  • LabVIEW and DotNET drivers included
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Custom Dynamometers

Anderson specializes in custom, high-performance dynamometers primarily for automotive and aeropace testing. These dynes are tailored to meet the exacting requirements of each application.

Anderson dynamometers utilize state-of-the-art electric motors to provide direct-drive solutions to eliminate loud and expensive gearboxes, and provide increased performance for high speed and precision test applications. Custom dynes include:

  • Speeds up to 30,000 rpm
  • Inertia simulation using precision closed-loop torque control
  • Torsionals / combustion engine emulation
  • Application-specific behavior:
    • Propeller emulation for UAV / drone test
    • Drivetrain simulation for electric vehicle test
    • Multi-dyne synchronization
  • Customized data acquisition
    • NI DAQ hardware
    • HBK eDrive Power Analyzer
    • Flexible data-booms for in-cell instrumentation
  • Remote control via TCP/IP
  • Integration with Anderson AC2000 DC Power Supplies


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Dynes support remote-control and automated testing (LabVIEW-based), or integration into existing test automation platforms uisng DotNET or LabVIEW drivers.


Mining Electrics

Anderson's experience in mining electrics goes back to 1966. Our electrical systems have been used in tunnel boring machines, raise bore machines, and many other mining applications including:

  • Cutterhead drives for TBM applications
  • DC and AC raise bore machines
  • Essential Services panels
  • Explosion-Proof (XP) panels
  • Pump Skids
  • Conveyors
  • Fans
  • Winches and Hoists
  • VFD panels


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Anderson fulfills the needs of companies in industries ranging from manufacturing to next-gen R&D; our customers have included Advanced Energy, Hamilton Sundstrand, NASA, the US Coast Guard, General Motors, Borg Warner, Honeywell / Allied Signal, The Boeing Co., Kimberly Clark, Sonoco, Georgia Pacific, Proctor & Gamble, and many others.


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